Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle

Diane Boilard


« Painting, for me, is an act that comes from within, from my soul, and my work is the result. To give life to an idea or a subject through water and color fascinates me. I am first and foremost passionate about the medium that is watercolor and it is through this art that I have discovered the world of creation. I love life, human beings and nature, the untouched landscape and its scent, its mountains, its birds. They fascinate me. I try to capture their movements, their lightness and even express their freedom ».
At a young age, Diane realises that colors and shapes allow her to express her own universe. Self-taught, she has developed her own techniques on different means.

Diane Boilard's activities during Brioude 2017 Biennial 

Diane Boilard's website