Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle


Marie-Pierre Estève, Cécile Jean and Fabienne Récanzone-Tilmont, the performer artists of the 9th Biennale d'Aquarelle de Brioude, will run courses for children and adults throughout the event.

Marie-Pierre Estève's animations

Cécile Jean's animations

Fabienne Récanzone-Tilmont's animations

Anne Christophe, besides her own watercolors, will exhibit those of her great grandmother, Anna Zuber. "My desire, in an idea of parentage, is to pay tribute to her, to bring her out of the shadows and link her work and mine," says Anne Christophe, whose grandmother, although having a lot product, has always remained in the shadow of her father, Henri Zuber, himself a professional painter enjoying a certain reputation.

Anne Christophe's animations