Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle

Roland Palmaerts


After having been a paratrooper in commandos in the Belgian army and having practised graphic art in Quebec, Roland Palmaerts has become a full time artist at the age of twenty eight in 1981.
He is mainly famous for his watercolour and acrylic paintings. He is moreover the headmaster of a painting academy in Belgium, where his reputation places him among the most respectable teachers of this country. His landscapes wether urban or countryside are mixed with other subjects such as musicians in an explosion of colours and light.
« I idealize nature sceneries joining the energy of the different elements : shade and light, air and water... » he said. « I wash paint with the densities of the colours skillfully blended. I always keep in mind that if I don't achieve a material representation I spiritualize ».
Nicknamed « the magician of the brush » Roland Palmaerts took part in more than 250 exhibitions, conducted more than 120 TV shows and wrote articles in international magazines. In 2013, for his sixties, he achieved a record carrying out sixty paintings one meter large in sixty hours.

Roland Palmaerts' activities during Brioude 2017 Biennial

Roland Palmaerts' website