Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle

Odette Feller


Odette Feller wants to keep her freedom of movements, colours and forms. Her subject will be chosen by chance and the result obtained by the patches of colours, more or less diluted according to the humidity of the paper and determined by her first stroke of brush, depending on her « instinct of the moment ».
Then… look and see. This is which invites Odette to think and create. She has to give credit to the miracle of the merging colours. Step by step she tries to make the subject stand out from these so indefinable forms. A real world then appears which Odette is the first spectator. She is often surprised by the different impressions provoked by interfering during the drying time.
Peharps that gives her the illusion to control, for a while only, this magic of the melting of water and pigment

Odette Feller's activities during Brioude 2017 Biennial

Odette Feller's website