Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle

Eth de Melaou


The signature used by the artist Didier Dubarry intrigues and questions. It is none other than a professional name by which Didier wishes to pay homage to his Gascon origins, to his roots. In this way he references his work to the name of the house, Mélaou , where he grew up in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Ever since his adolescence, Didier reveals his world and its inhabitants by transposition of his vision into strokes of a brush or pencil. This universe dances between his vision and his gestures, sometimes with an energetic, broad almost impetuous approach, and sometimes with a more measured and precise manner. In this way he breathes life into a translation of his dancing picture of a fleeting or ephemeral instant.

Eth de Melaou's activities during Brioude 2017 Biennial

Eth de Melaou's website