Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle

Jean-Luc Decron


Jean-Luc Decron made his first attempts in watercolor with journey diary. This format suited him well for on-the-fly reproductions of different subjects, during his journeys or simple walks.
His topic of predilection is the portrait. He paints also the landscapes of his area, countryside or cities at the bottom of the Pyrenees and those met during his travel. He generally works by carrying out a sketch which enables him to study the composition and the values then, with the support of a photograph, passes to the realization of the watercolour.
The painter generally starts on the dry sheet, but works then the washing on wet, and leaves a significant portion to the effects of water. Thanks to numerous painting competitions, Jean-Luc Decron was able to confront himself to the different constraints of outside painting, in limited time.

Jean-Luc Decron's activities during Brioude 2017 Biennial 

Jean-Luc Decron's website