Artiste de la biennale Aquarelle


Take your brushes, young people!

Art to see : visit an exhibition of watercolour artists at La Maison de Mandrin.

Art to live : get acquainted with watercolour through training courses held in classrooms by a confirmed artist.

Art to show : create an exhibition which will be shown during Brioude Watercolour Biennial.

Art to support : work with informative files proposed to help participating schools.

Here is what the association Festival d'Aquarelle proposes to pupils of Haute-Loire, in a partnership with the National Education, the town council structure « Brioude Ville Lecture » and l'Association Française pour la Lecture de Haute-Loire (AFL43), an association promoting reading.

From January 2017, young people will explore a new theme entitled « This is a window ».

Download the information kit.


The EXTRABIENnales, for children only ! From 5 to 26 January 2013, the pupils of the region of Brioude checked out the works of Hông-Haï, Odylle and Marie-Pierre Estève in the Maison de Mandrin. On the agenda, there were painting workshops with artists and literary workshops... All this helped children explore the theme Spirit of adventure.

An exhibition of the budding watercolorists' creations was hosted by the media library from June to the end of August 2013